Japan: Shop Coathangers Trigger Content on Digital Signage Screens

Vanquish, the clothing brand owned by the Ceno group, is currently testing teamLab interactive digital concepts in a selection of its Japanese stores.

Known as the teamLabHanger, the first one is a digital signage system which links coathangers with a video wall in a store.

When a coathanger is lifted from a rail, a video linked to the item of clothing is displayed on one of the nearby screens.

YouTube Preview Image

The second concept, teamLabCamera, lets customers take photos of themselves in quite a different way: Manga-style filters and masks are superimposed onto the photos to create a unique stylised look.

These photos can then be shared on Facebook.

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  1. This is so amazing. Wish we have those things here in the United States. I have always been amazed at how advanced Japan is with their technology. Girls will really find it so wonderful as I have.

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