Malaysia: Asia Media Sdn Bhd. to Use Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting for its Transit-TV Network

AsiaMedialogode The independent regulator for the Malaysian communications industries, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has officially awarded three blocks of L-Band Spectrum to Asia Media Sdn Bhd.

Asia Media plans to utilize the allocated frequencies to deploy a Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (“T-DMB”) network and operate up to twelve programme channels including digital TV, radio and data channels.

“We will be working closely with digital TV receiver manufacturers to integrate the L-Band T-DMB receivers into car navigation systems, mobile phones, portable media players, notebook computers as well as Asia Media’s own Transit-TV network onboard city and express buses (i.e. Asia Media TV, which counts over 3,000 screens installed in 1,500 buses, Ed.). This is an innovative technological solution for transmitting live content onto moving vehicles, especially buses, trains and other public transportation vehicles operating within the city” said Dato’ Ricky Wong, the Chief Executive Officer of Asia Media.

Asia Media is the first company in Malaysia to deploy Digital Multimedia Services (DMS) via L-band to all city transit buses in the Kuala Lumpur greater metropolitan area. Asia Media TV is viewed by over one million commuters weekly.

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